Thank you!

Dear participants of my project! A very big thank to all of you for your time, for your texts and your places! It was engrossing to explore your places, thanks! Special thanks to Marcus for the name of the project;)

What is this project about?

It happened that we live in Vienna right now. I was born in another country, grown up in another cities, I’ve learned different culture, language etc. Then we moved here in Vienna. […]

First days, weeks and even months seemed like a vacation – everything is new around with new habits, new places, new culture and new people. A lot of new things:) We continuously exploring the city and of course a lot of people helped us with advice and their recommendations. This is very exciting process – exploring new places, people, culture. Thus, I guess, this project appeared in my head.

For this project I asked my ‘models’ to select a location which they would share with their friend coming for a visit in Vienna. Location that they really like, enjoy and consider Viennese as well. Then we went there, I’ve done a portrait and several “background” pictures of this place. That’s it. This is not a list of sightseeing one should see in Vienna.I like to make portraits and I like to explore the Vienna:) So this is about people and their city.

Enjoy it and please contact me in case you live in Vienna and want to participate or you found some bugs or have some thoughts, comments. I would be glad to hear from you!