Boris, born in Austria

lives in Vienna: most of the time

I like the Steinhof area because during weekdays it’s a very quiet place to get some fresh air and silence. As I am working in customer service I cherish every moment without having to talk to somebody and without any loud sounds. This place is very easy to reach by public transport and is good for walking and resting at the same time. In summer I like to sit there and read or watch the birds flying by. It’s so nice to see children play in a natural setting away from computer screens and mobile phones. There you can still see this at times.

For me it’s also a precious place because in the 1980s there were plans to build large scale housing estates there but due to the city population’s pressure on the government, the area was finally protected and stayed accessible for everyone.

Last but not least the area allows a great view over my city. I was born here and until today enjoyed my life here very much and even though I have traveled many parts of the world, I always like to come back to Vienna. And I like to look at my city from above.

I remember that as a child I was afraid to walk up the hill from the hospital’s main gate. The old buildings looked especially frightening to me and I knew from school that bad things had happened there during world war II. So initially I was not happy when my mum or my friends suggested a walk there.

Only later when I started to discover Vienna by myself and I continued through the built up area until I reached the green plateau I started to cherish the place. Sometimes I went there with my bicycle in summer and every day I succeeded to go up the hill I was very proud of myself.