Marcus & Laurenz

Marcus & Laurenz, born in Austria

live in Vienna: more than 5 and 2 years

The “Lainzer Tiergarten” has become one of my favorite places in Vienna for several reasons but when I first heard about it I thought “why would one fence off 30km2 of Vienna Forest against Vienna Forest with a concrete wall…?”. One reason is definitely the impressive hoards of wild boars that roam in the park freely without any fear of visitors. But since 2 years I live in the vicinity of the Lainzer Tiergarten and during frequent visits with my family I discovered that the concrete wall and its gates function as a floodgate that protects its interior (no dogs, no bikes etc.) from Vienna itself. This and the vastness of the site (you can easily spend 2 hours from one end to the other) make the park the perfect hideout within the city limits. I especially like the hilly terrain that allows for some really nice views like the “Wienblick” or the “Hubertuswarte”. The more remote and thus less visited western part allows for the best chances to see the wild boars, deer and mouflon which Laurenz enjoyes most – next to the playgrounds;)