Volker, born in Transylvania

Lives in Vienna: more than 10 years

A tour on the Höhenstraße is more than just a journey for me. It’s an unique sightseeing tour with beautiful views and more important, it is a time warp – provided the respective vehicle. Driving a 50 year old car on this cobblestoned pavement road is like driving it back 50 years ago. Partly, even plastic road side poles are replaced by granite boulders (and there is no median strip!). Nothing reminds on today (except the modern plastic cars which pass once a while).

The tour starts from Klosterneuburg, where you follow the sign toward “Höhenstraße”. The first stop will be the Leopoldsberg. Walk around the monastery and you will find a spot witch gives a nice view on the Danube, most of Vienna, the Weinviertel and further to the east you will see the first hills of the Carpathians. If you are lucky you can spot the Slovak capital, Bratislava.

The road continues along the hilly Vienna woods towards Kahlenberg viewpoint. Though mostly flooded by tourists it gives a great view over Vienna. Following the road there are many possibilities to stop for a short or a long walk or to have a Spritzer and Schnitzel in a Gasthaus. The Höhenstraße will descend towards Neustift where I would have my Schnitzel and a Spritzer in one of the numerous Heurigen.

If any day could just end at a Heurigen.